Cern Large Hadron Collider

Welcome to my blog! This is my first blog post. As a beginning, I wanted to start with my amazing trip to CERN which is in Geneva,Switzerland.

CERN Open Days

CERN opens its doors once one weekend in a year to the public. This opportunity contains discovering CERN facilities, including underground facilities. I wasn't be lucky to visit underground facilities since they were too many crowded people. Hence, CERN had closed it's underground facilities during my trip. To take this opportunity, you have to visit CERN Open Days website and register. Even though it is not obligatory since you can visit without getting an appointment, it will be beter if you guarantee your visit to CERN facilities using this website to prevent missing this chance due to high interest.

My Trip

My trip was for Point 4 LHC which is located in Échenevex,France. We received our bracelets which indicates us as visitor in CERN facilities. Than we saw LHC entrance which was full of visitors. Unfortunately, they had closed the gates for remaining visitors. However, I had chance to play some games which are created for CERN.

First game was LHC accelerator game. You play with a remote controller that collies sub-atomic particles.

Second game consists of a survey. You answer some questions about your character. The survey chooses a sub-atomic elementary particle. It turns out that I am tau-neutrino. 

Last game was Proton football. There is a hologram field which displays a football area and a ball. You pretend like kicking a ball and ball moves. Two players have two protons(balls). If the protons collide, a collision effect occurs.

In conclusion, I enyojed too much in my trip to CERN. It is a huge opportunity that everyone has to try at once.

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